Volunteer of the Year

The Junior League of Billings selects their “Volunteer of the Year”, at their year-end meeting in May. She is selected because of her dedication, attitude, outstanding volunteerism in both League and community activities, and inspiration to others.

The 2016-17 Volunteer of the Year is member, Jennifer Massey.



A nomination for Jennifer read, “Jennifer is a member of the Poly Drive PTA. She volunteered to be in charge of Membership and ran a successful membership drive. She is also a chair of the STEM committee and is helping plan a large event at Poly Drive Elementary. Jennifer has done an amazing job as the Membership Council Chair. She has been a very valuable asset to the Board and will do a remarkable job as Communications Chair. In both Junior League and PTA, Jennifer is always willing to show up and do what needs done. Jennifer is also a Co-Leader of her girls’ Girl Scout Troop. She has wonderful ideas to share with the girls. Not only does she volunteer her time and talents with others, she is an amazing woman and mother. Jennifer balances motherhood and voluteerism so beautifully and makes it look easy. She is a very positive role model, she is super creative, and she has the ambition and skills to do anything her heart desires. Jennifer is a fast learner and isn’t afraid to take on projects, large or small. I think Jennifer has a kind and giving heart, and I wholeheartedly nominate her for Volunteer of the Year.”


A listing of all Junior League of Billings Volunteer of the Year’s from 1956-2017

1956-57 Judy Buchanan

1957-58 Donna Kirby

Belee Yegen

1958-59 Eunice Nybo

1959-60 Marynell Heringer

1960-61 Harriet Wise

1961-62 Patti Karr

1962-63 Arlene Sivertson

1963-64 Jody Cranston

1964-65 Isabel Moe

1965-66 Betty Pates

1966-69 Donna Gordon

1967-68 Norma Jean Peterson

1968-69 Patty Selover

1969-70 Jean Dimich

1970-71 Ann Noyes

1971-72 Barbara Christensen

1972-73 Jody Dringman

Marilyn Thornquist

1973-74 Mary Crippin

Mona Sumner

1974-75 Susie MacBoyle

1975-76 Kay Foster

1976-77 Ellen Alweis

1977-78 Judy Johnson

Marcie Spalding

1978-79 Lynn Montague

1979-80 Karen Doolen

1980-81 Ardyce Kelly

1981-82 Barbara Krieg

Nancy Whitmer

1982-83 Peggy Good

1983-84 Judy Peterson

1984-85 Ann Miller

Pam Sanderson

1985-86 Claudia Baker

1986-87 Dina Pett

1987-88 Rosemary Scales

1988-89 Joy Meyer

1989-90 Robyn Miller

1990-91 Lynn Jensen

1991-92 Mary Underriner

1992-93 Debbie Coakley

1993-94 Amy Dunphy

1994-95 Pam Dimich

1995-96 Kay Berry

Liz Wilmouth

1996-97 Deirdre Alexander

Marilyn Owen

1997-98 Pam Arpin

1998-99 Rody Fergus

Diana Tolstedt

1999-2000 Lynae Gilbert

Kathy Harris

2000-01 Eileen McDonald

Kim Roebling

2001-02 Jennifer Haarr

2002-03 Vickie Eagle

2003-04 Paige Spalding

2004-05 Leslie Pitman

2005-6 Jennifer Bennett

Shelly Mrachek

2006-07 Laura Hopkins

2007-8 Ceci Bentler

2008-09 Candy Nelson

2009-10 Jeanette Eklund

2010-11 Kelli Toohill

2011-12 Megan Clancy-Loveridge

2012-13 Jennifer Welzenbach

2013-14 Allison Murphine

Karen Norsworthy

2014-15 Clare Dooley

2015-16 Michelle Breum

2016-17 Jennifer Massey



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